The online abstract submission process is open and you are invited to submit your work for presentation at the 2024 ANZSPM Conference.

All abstracts are peer-reviewed and ranked on the basis of scientific merit. The Program Committee will use these rankings to develop the final program. Not all abstracts will necessarily be accepted for presentation.

At the time of submitting your abstract the data must not have already appeared in print (it is OK for data to have been accepted for publication). If the research presented was supported by a commercial organisation, a statement identifying this support may be requested.  If the research involved human subjects, it must have been approved by your institutional review board or Human Ethics Committee and conform to international standards of ethical practice. Animal research must have been approved by an appropriate Review Board and conform to the highest standards of human care. An author of any abstract selected for participation on the program must attend the meeting and pay the relevant registration fee.

We welcome presentations of interesting case studies and stories, research, the sharing of innovations in palliative medicine practice and we encourage first time presenters.

While a focus on the conference theme is not required for abstract inclusion, abstracts which refer to or incorporate elements of the conference theme will be looked on favourably.

The 2024 theme is "30 years of palliative medicine: constructing, challenging, transforming'.


Please make it clear if the paper is being submitted for consideration of an oral presentation, poster presentation, oral/poster presentation or an oral/poster presentation you would like considered for the trainee award. Those accepted for oral presentation do not need to generate a poster. If authors indicate "both" then if the abstract is not accepted as an oral presentation it may be accepted as a poster. 

The following guidelines outline the instructions for abstract submission:  

  • The title should be brief but adequate to clearly identify the nature of the abstract.
  • The name and location(s) where the work was undertaken must also appear. 
  • The body of the abstract should be no more than 500 words. You are able to submit your references  (maximum of 10 references) as long as they fit within the 500 word count limit.
  • A brief background and a maximum of two sentences stating the study’s objectives
  • A brief statement of methods used 
  • A summary of the results - including a brief comment on statistical methods, and key outcome data
  • A brief discussion indicating the implications of the findings (NB it is not satisfactory to state, “the results will be discussed”)

The abstract needs to be submitted as text using the following formatting:    

  • Heading in UPPERCASE
  • Body of abstracts to be in single spacing 
  • If you have references, list them in the body of the text  


Please make sure you have read through the submission guidelines before submitting your abstract/s. You will need to click on the button below and create an account to submit an abstract.  


ANZSPM will fund an award for trainees for the best presentation and best poster at the conference. The winner will be asked to provide a 300 word article about the project, after the conference, to be published in the ANZSPM newsletter. To be eligible, applicants must: 

  • Be a Chapter/RACP advanced trainee in palliative medicine
  • Have submitted their abstract before the closing date and have had their abstract accepted by the conference committee