Self-Care and Self Compassion

Crucial for ourselves and our patients

Mental, emotional, and spiritual care of ourselves as professionals is probably one of the most important aspects of our competence as practitioners but many of us have been too busy to take time to reflect or think about this. Self-reflective practice is crucial to quality patient care because one of the most important things we bring to the doctor patient relationship is ourselves. The pandemic has been challenging for all health professionals and most of us are fatigued, tired and wondering about our work. The work we do involves dealing with suffering and this can make us very vulnerable to stress and burnout. This workshop will be a precious day of space and time to reflect on and share the experiences of our daily work in palliative care and identify our current requirements for self-care and self-compassion.  


This workshop will be held on Thursday 1st September and will be offered face to face and virtual. We do have minimum and maximum numbers that we need to achieve for this workshop to go ahead. The following costs are applicable:

Full Day face to face $200
Full Day virtual $100
Half day face to face only $150
(You can join us for the morning up until lunch or the afternoon from lunch onwards)

Registrations are open to conference delegates only and can be booked during the online registration process. Please note, this workshop runs at the same time as the trainee day.

Workshop outline

Katrina Anderson

Katrina is a general practitioner, academic and medical educator who specialises in doctor’s professional development and has extensive experience running workshops for health professionals around preventing burnout and maintaining emotional and psychological wellbeing. She has set up doctor peer groups and mentoring groups for junior doctors and senior doctors both in the community and hospital environment.  She has supervised academically several doctors undertaking research in doctors’ wellbeing with her most recent project looking at the experience of stress for general practitioners during the recent COVID pandemic. 

Jason Mills

Jason is a registered nurse, academic and certified CCT compassion educator based in Brisbane. With a background in health-promoting palliative care and the compassionate communities movement, his doctoral research examined compassion in relation to self-care and self-compassion in the Australian palliative care workforce. He developed the ‘Self-Care Matters’ resource for Palliative Care Australia and serves on the editorial board for internationally refereed journals including Palliative Care and Social Practice, Mindfulness, and BMC Palliative Care.

Jonathan Ramachenderan

Jonathan is a General Practitioner who works in Palliative Care and Anaesthesia in Albany, Western Australia. He is also writer and self-care evangelist and contributes regularly to his blog. He won the National Palliative Care Award 2021 for Excellence in Generalist Palliative Care for his local contribution but also his work and advocacy in practitioner self-care and wellbeing.  His contribution to the self-care space is one of vulnerability about his own story and also hope about becoming intentional about our self-care.

Olivia Tough

Olivia is a palliative care social worker and bereavement counsellor in Canberra. Olivia has worked in hospice, community and acute inpatient settings. Olivia believes that self-care is a dynamic practice that enhances professional and personal wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting interdisciplinary team members to develop space and understanding for self-care and self- compassion in their practice. 

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